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Fear Less. Love More. Live Now.

Holistic Psychotherapy in El Dorado Hills

Hello and Welcome.

No matter what you’re struggling with, healing and change is possible. Anxiety, depression, stress and overwhelm can keep you from living your best life. Living a life that lacks purpose and fulfillment can feel depleting. Traumatic experiences and unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships can make you doubt yourself, drain your self-esteem and keep you from reaching out and making meaningful connections.

I believe being human is a practice and that we all need support. I am here to help.

I’m Kim Burris, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) . As a holistic psychotherapist, I offer evidence based treatment with a heart centered approach.

I help my clients fear less, love more, and live their best life now.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, self-growth, life transitions, mindfulness, and developing healthy relationships. I am also passionate about holistic wellness for moms and work with mamas dealing with postpartum mood disorders (including assessment and treatment of postpartum depression + postpartum anxiety) as well as women looking for extra support on the journey of motherhood.

I am truly honored to walk alongside so many brave humans on this journey of being human.

The Therapeutic Process

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In the process of therapy, we will work together to unearth the roots of your suffering, illuminate the self-defeating beliefs that no longer serve you and create more space for living your life with more love, freedom, purpose and joy.

Throughout this process we will continue celebrating who you are, as you are, right now in this moment. Just because you have things to heal, and ‘work’ to do doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. It just means you are human. And let’s keep it real here, sometimes being human is just hard.

If you’re looking for therapy that is both evidence based and holistically minded, give me a call or text to discuss how my practice can support your well-being: 916.467.9539.

I see clients in person in my El Dorado Hills office and also provide telehealth services (therapy via secure video conferencing.) I am accepting new clients and offer morning, daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

Learn more about some of my specialities:

I welcome and work with individuals and couples of all ages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and sexual/gender identities.

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Let’s Connect

Wondering how therapy can help? Interested in working together? Have some questions about therapy or my approach? I offer a complimentary 15-minute phone call to discuss what you are going through and how I can support you.

Message me below or call/text me at 916.467.9539.