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Heart Belly Breathing – A Guided Meditation

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Join me for this short and sweet guided meditation to cultivate more self-love, compassion and ease in your life. Together we will move the breath through the heart and the belly, be held by the earth and cultivate a deeply grounding energy to start or end the day.

Use this meditation as a daily practice or turn it on when you need a gentle reminder to come back home to your body and come back home to yourself.

Play the meditation below or download it to keep:

Download Now

Thank you for joining me.


If you enjoyed this practice please share it with your friends, on social media and leave a comment below. Your support means the world to me ♡ ♡ ♡

I appreciate you and look forward to being with you again next month!

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Kim is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in supporting individuals struggling with anxiety and depression and motherhood. A yogi and a psychotherapist, she believes that being human is a practice and that healing and change is always possible. Kim currently offers virtual holistic psychotherapy and counseling to individuals in California. Call/text to find out more: 916.467.9539.

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