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‘One person looking at the roots of our suffering is good, two people looking at it is better, and two people looking together is best.’ – Thich Nhat Hanh

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I offer therapy sessions in-person (in my El Dorado Hills office) as well as via video conference and phone.  Sessions can be 50 or 80 minutes in length.

I am currently accepting new clients and have morning, evening and Saturday appointments available.


15 Minute Phone Consult: Free

50 Minute Session: $160

80 Minute Session: $250

See below for insurance information.

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As a licensed psychotherapist, I am considered an out-of-network provider on most PPO insurance plans. Most clients are able to receive partial reimbursement from their insurance company for the cost of our sessions. Many individuals are reimbursed 50-80% of the fee, which means the out of pocket cost ends up being $35-80 per session.

How does it work?

Let me walk you through it.

You will need to take 10 minutes to call your insurance company and ask:
Will you reimburse for mental health service providers that are out of network?
Do I have a deductible to meet before you will reimburse?

Have I met any portion of that deductible yet?
What is the reimbursement rate?

Once you verify your benefits you will be responsible for sessions fees when we meet and then once a month I will provide you with a superbill (also known as a receipt), which you can then submit to your insurance company and they will mail you a check for your reimbursement amount. Some insurance companies have an online portal where you can upload a photo of your superbill and it will be processed relatively quickly/usually within a few days; alternatively you can mail it in. This monthly paperwork process should take you about 5 minutes.

Please reach out with any questions you have about this process. While I cannot answer any question about your specific insurance plan or coverage, I am happy to walk along side you in getting reimbursed for services.


Want to get a feel for working together? Curious about holistic psychotherapy and how my therapy practice can support you? Let’s chat. Message me below, send me an email (kim@kimburris.com) or call/text me at:  916.467.9539.

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