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You are Not Broken. A Holistic Model of Healing.

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You don’t have a chemical imbalance in your brain that cannot be changed.

You do not need medication to make your brain work for the rest of your life (more on this below).⁠

You are not broken.⁠

The current medical system is changing. 20 years ago scientists thought our brains only grew and created new neural pathways until we reached adulthood. Hence the assumption that if your brain wasn’t firing and wiring ‘properly’ (aka you experience ‘depression’ or ‘anxiety’ symptoms) that your brain doesn’t function properly and you need medication to ‘help’ you function and that you will need it for the rest of your life because your brain cannot change.⁠


Current neuroscience shows us that the brain has infinite capacity to change and create new neural pathways (aka experiences!). WHAT? This means that whatever patterns of thinking, feeling and being you experience can be changed. (If you want to dive into this new research more you can google neurogenesis and check out the book ‘Neurogenesis’ by Brant Cortright).⁠

Look, medication can absolutely be helpful and beneficial for many many people. It’s a bridge to healing. What I want to talk about here is the assumption that your brain does not have the capacity to make the appropriate chemicals, that it is somehow flawed and cannot wire appropriately. ⁠

I want you to know that this is a limiting and outdated model.⁠

Change is possible. But it’s not inevitable. ⁠

Healing is all about integration. And here is how it works:

The first step is to look back and turn towards yourself….you absolutely can unravel painful experiences from the past keeping you stuck in an endless cycle of unwanted patterns.

And then, from this place of compassionate understanding and love, you have the freedom to look within and access the infinite wisdom waiting to guide you home, to a life of purpose, fulfillment, love and joy.

Integrating new ways of thinking, feeling and being in the world is a process. An evolution.⁠ Ease? Nope. Worth the journey? Absolutely.

As humans, we are wired to be in connection and this journey is meant to be made together. If you resonate with this info and are interested in holistic psychotherapy and how I can help – I got you. Call/text me or message me here so we can chat. Let yourself be supported dear heart.

⁠⁠⁠Wellness is a practice, and you can do this.

What do you think??? I really want to know….👇🏻⁠

From my heart to yours,⁠

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Kim is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in supporting individuals struggling with anxiety and depression and motherhood. A yogi and a psychotherapist, she believes that being human is a practice and that healing and change is always possible. Kim currently offers virtual holistic psychotherapy and counseling to individuals in California. Call/text to find out more: 916.467.9539.

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