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What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

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The word ‘holistic’ seems to be everywhere these days. I wanted to take a moment and explain what the practice of Holistic Psychotherapy actually is and what it looks like in real life.

Holistic Psychotherapy invites us to seek out and align with our highest self. Through mindful inquiry and radical love we can explore our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experiences.

This practice leads us into sacred awareness, where we can deepen into true knowing and cultivate the deepest love and respect for our whole self.

I truly believe we are all on a unique, gorgeous and challenging path to align with our highest self. We’re here together for a reason, we need each other. Holistic psychotherapy is a path towards wholeness that we can walk together.

To find out more, check out this month’s video below. I’d love to know your thoughts, questions and what resonates for you. Please leave a comment below and let me know!

What is Holistic Psychotherapy? With Kim Burris, Holistic Psychotherapist.


Hey guys, it’s Kim Burris.

I’m just popping on here today to talk about Holistic Psychotherapy.

As a holistic psychotherapist, I think I can take it for granted that people know what exactly that is.

I get a lot of questions: ‘How is it different than traditional psychotherapy? What the heck is it? What exactly does it mean?’

So holistic… wholeness… our wellness is not just our ‘mental health.’

It’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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These are all of the macro parts that make up all of our micro parts and they’re all weaved together.

We are all of these things, and so we can’t pull apart just one on our path to wellness.

So, the idea of traditional Psychotherapy, talk therapy, being all about our ‘mental health’…

Let me look at my thoughts… a real common experience for most of us, myself included, can be, ‘oh, I understand what I’m thinking…why?? Why am I thinking that?

This can be an interesting, important question that can help us deepen.

What Holistic Psychotherapy + Counseling is doing is moving us from our mental space

it’s helping us to drop anchor into our heart space, which is ‘What am I Feeling?’

and then it’s helping us drop even deeper, dropping an anchor into the gut, ‘What am I Experiencing?’

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And when we can know and understand, can glimpse and have awareness of what we’re

thinking, feeling and experiencing…then we can see our whole self.

And when we can see our whole self and our parts, then we can see our true self, our self when we’re aligned… our highest self.

And so to me, the practice is to be cultivating awareness of all of these parts; so we can try different tools and techniques and practices to get in.

So, it’s not that we get into all of them on all levels every session. You all know this, we all know this instinctively and intuitively.

We’re not waking up saying ‘Let me do a mental practice, emotional, physical ,spiritual practice, etc. …’

It’s like having a knot in a necklace, or a rope that’s been thrown about and tied up in knots.

We pick and pull at all of the little pieces until we find one that’s a little loose, that we know  and say ‘ok, we can pull this piece out.’

And then the whole knot becomes unstuck.

That’s what we’re doing in Holistic Counseling/Holistic Psychotherapy.

We’re peeking around at all the parts.

Is it about understanding our thoughts and changing them?

Sometimes that moves us… and then it moves us deeper into the next layer, and the next part, which is, what are the existential questions?

What am I doing here? What are we doing here?

What is the biggest expression I could be experiencing here?

And, you see where I’m going with this… Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences.

Creating space for all of them and increasing our capacity for exploring those parts and staying with those parts.

So those are my thoughts.

I would love to hear what you think. I would love to hear your questions.

What have your experiences been with therapy?

Please drop me a message and/or leave a comment below.

I hope you all are just having a wonderful day.

Alright, talk more soon. Bye.

-Kim Burris, Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist

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[Video Blog by Kim Burris, MA, MFT, Holistic Psychotherapist. Offering Virtual Holistic Counseling + Psychotherapy in California. With offices in El Dorado Hills and San Francisco, CA.]

PS. If you’re looking for support on this journey of being human, I got you! Holistic psychotherapy is the practice and process of mental, emotional, and spiritual integration. Reach out to find out how my practice can support you on your journey 🌟

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Kim is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in supporting individuals struggling with anxiety and depression and motherhood. A yogi and a psychotherapist, she believes that being human is a practice and that healing and change is always possible. Kim currently offers virtual holistic psychotherapy and counseling to individuals in California. Call/text to find out more: 916.467.9539.

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